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ELITECLCCOM WHY ELITE CLC It was all started in the year of when we had decided to setup CLC blocks making plant in chennai Our attempt to produce quality standard CLC blocks was evading us for next 2 years only to discover the fact that there were no equipment and machinery exclusively designed for Foam Concrete applications

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Cellular lightweight concrete block Magnified view Cellular lightweight concrete – Density range: This Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) can be produced in a wide range of densities from 400 kg/m 3 to 1,800 kg/m 3 to suit different applications: - The lower densities of 400 –600 kg/m 3 are ideal for thermal insulation applications.

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Another possibility would be the easiest---go to and type in cellular concrete and you will find the manufacturers , information, etc, etc. Q: Our Computer Aided Drafting class is looking for a lightweight concrete formula for making concrete canoes.

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Foamed concrete is the foaming system of the foaming machine to fully foam the foaming agent mechanically,and evenly mix the foam and cement slurry,and then pass the foaming machine's pumping system for in-situ construction or mold forming.A new type of lightweight thermal insulation material with a large number of closed pores formed by natural curing.Foamed concrete is a double set of

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Cellular Light weight Concrete (CLC) blocks making machinesFlying Horse International Group LimitedZhengzhou DW I/E Co., Ltd.Add: A608, #2 BUILDING, INNOVATI

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We have also supplied many kinds of CLC block making machines since 1996. Cellular Lightweight Concrete Technology We are one of the leading manufacturers of CLC foam concrete equipments, and have exported to many countries around the world. We can supply machines as part of a production line, or complete turn-key manufacturing plants.

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The optimum mix proportion was designed based on target density, w/c and s/c (sand to cement ratio) of lightweight foamed concrete. The range of densities were 1500,1750 and 1800 kg/m3 . The range of w/c ratio used were 0.5, 0.45, 0.4, 0.35 and 0.3, while s/c was 1.0 for all mixes in this work.

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Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) is a version of lightweight concrete that is produced like normal concrete under ambient conditions. It is produced by initially making slurry of Cement, Fly Ash, and Water which is further mixed with the addition of pre-formed stable foam in a concrete

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Building & Construction Machines » CLC Mixer ₹ 600000.00 Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) is a version of lightweight concrete that is produced like normal concrete under ambient conditions.


Of these, Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) is one of the recent emerging technology in making concrete. By using this type of concrete, we have found so many advantages when compared to the normal conventional concrete. This paper mainly focused on making cellular light weight concrete

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Light Density Cellular Concrete. Light density cellular concrete has a density range of 4—600 kg/m 3. The LDCC is ideal for thermal and sound insulations. It is mostly fired resistance, termite and moisture absorbent. It is also used instead of glass wool, wool wool, and thermocol. Advantage of Cellular Concrete. Lightweight