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Gauge box size 300 mm X 300 X 375 mm 12 X 12 X15 inches gauge box size Thank you

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Management units. Strength of Euromecc plants is the total automation of whichever phase of the productive cycle. The electric and the computer science units of the Company are located on an covered area equipped of beyond 200 m² and they can plan, produce and install automatized electric control panels for whichever kind of plant of concrete

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Definition and Significance Workability of concrete is defined in ASTM C 125 as the property determining the effort required to manipulate a freshly mixed quantity of concrete with minimum loss of homogeneity. The term manipulate includes the early-age operations of placing, compacting, and finishing. The effort required to place a concrete mixture is determined largely largely by the overall

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May 25,  · Type of mixers: There are basically 5 types of mixing units: reversible drum type, single shaft, twin shaft type, planetary and pan type. Reversible drum mixer as the name suggests is a drum that will move in both the directions. Its rotation in one direction will facilitate mixing and its rotation in the opposite direction will facilitate discharge of materials.

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Aug 12,  · Seven twin-shaft mixers are producing the lion’s share of the estimated 210,000 yd. of concrete for New NY Bridge cast-in-place structures, as well as tens of thousands of additional cubic yards for the bridge’s main precast structural elements, primarily tubs for pile caps and pier caps.

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OVERVIEW. JS750 twin shaft concrete mixer stirring spiral arm of high strength, wear resistance, resistance and other advantages; high wear-resistant alloy cast iron liners, making the equipment more safe and durable. The use of new equipment and the upgrade of the connection method of the mixing arm further improves the overall reliability, rapid mixing of materials, high production

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Mixing system choose twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, which has high efficiency and good mixing quality, scale board and mixing blades adopts high-rigidity and high tenacity wearable alloy steel, to prolong the working life. such as recipe number, concrete grade, slump, total production volume, etc. 0. Start production; 0. The software/PLC

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Twin Shaft Continuous Mixer. Mixing Action: The twin shafts mix the material at up to 110 rpm while moving the material toward the end of the mixer. Paddles: The twin horizontal mixing shafts are fitted with 72 Ni-Hard cast paddles, which are intermeshed in a specially phased relationship to optimize mixing action and throughput. Each paddle

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compared with the standard twin shaft mixers. BOMB BAY DOOR All SICOMA Twin Shaft Mixers can be equipped with the Bomb Bay Door which allows the bottom of the mixer tank to be opened for nearly half of its surface. The discharge is extremely fast also in case of low slump concrete. This option is particularly important in case of

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Concrete technology has undergone significant changes in recent years. Precasters are making increasing use of fine-grained aggregates, low-water cement ratios, modern additions, as well addition of fibers, all of which impose high requirements on the mixing technology. For this reason, twin-shaft batch mixers, which have already become

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Producers that use the RT Twin Shaft Mixers are normally companies that are wanting to mix large quantities of concrete in volume at high speed and have equipment that is long lasting with low operating cost and maintenance. The twin shaft mixers are most commonly used in