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Asphalt mixing plant is a kind of equipment to mix the proportioned aggregates into the asphalt mixture under the specified temperature. And its main application is to produce asphalt, modified asphalt mixture, colored asphalt mixture and meet the requirements of highway construction, classified highway construction, urban road construction, parking lots, airport construction and port

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HP Concrete Cold Patch™. Crafco HP Concrete Cold Patch is a unique, gray color, cold applied, single component patching material. Use HP to repair potholes, spalls, cracks and other confined voids and distresses over 1 inch wide and greater than ½ inch deep in Portland Cement concrete. It can also be used to repair roads, highways, streets

Hot Patch Heater, Asphalt Repair Equipment

A Hot Patch Heater is a specially designed truck/trailer bed insert used to heat cold patch material to an optimum temperature and prolong the life of hot mix asphalt during the work day. Asphalt Repair Equipment. Self contained dump box with heater. Pothole Repair.

Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt Concrete is a composite material commonly used in construction of roads, highways, airports, parking lots, and many other types of pavement. It is commonly called simply asphalt or blacktop. The terms “asphalt concrete”, “bituminous asphalt concrete” and the abbreviation “AC” are typically used only in engineering and

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DC Asphalt Services, Inc. P.O. Box 30508 Honolulu, HI 96820 Contact: Chris Laird Tel: (808) 839-4500 Fax: (808) 356-0797 Email: [email protected] Website: Services: New asphalt paving and overlays, pothole repair, seal-coating, crack sealing, slurry sealing, striping, and speed bumps. In addition to the asphalt work, they also do concrete work including

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This is a new line Hot Mix & Aggregate and we are excited to work with this well established manufacturer. Concrete batching plants done right, call us for a personalized solution! A vast range of equipment for the production of ready-mix concrete for sale or for large-scale construction works.

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Safety Data Sheet Hot Mix Asphalt Section 1. Identification GHS product identifier: Hot Mix Asphalt Other means of identification: Asphalt, Blacktop, Asphaltic Concrete, Tarmac Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against: Hot Mix Asphalt is utilized for construction purposes such as paving roads, driveways, parking

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Ready Mix Concrete Company, With 7 quarries throughout Southern California, Superior Ready Mix is the best choice for all rock, sand, trucking, asphalt, base, and recycling construction material needs!


Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete Safety Data Sheet According to Federal Register / Vol. 77, No. 58 / Monday, March 26, / Rules and Regulations 07/16/ EN (English US) 3/1 Firefighting Instructions: Do not allow run-off from fire fighting to enter drains or water sources. Use water spray or fog for cooling exposed containers.

JANUARY Standard Specifications

bituminous treatments, surface courses and concrete pavement : 300: prime and tack coats : 320: hot mix asphalt - plant methods and equipment : 327: milling of existing asphalt pavement : 330: hot mix asphalt - general construction requirements : 334: superpave asphalt concrete : 337: asphalt concrete friction courses : 338: value added asphalt

Construction & Quality Control of Flexible Pavements

BITUMINOUS CONCRETE (BC) BC is a Dense Graded Bituminous Mix used as Wearing Course for BC Mix consists of Coarse Aggregates, Fine Aggregates, Filler and Binder blended as per Marshall Mix Design BITUMINOUS CONCRETE (BC) Bitumen content per cent 5.0-6.0 5.0 – 7.0 by mass of total mix 0.075 2-8 4-10 0.15 5-13 12-20 0.30 10-20 18-28 0.60 15