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Perfect when dealing with high viscosities, cowles agitators are typically used in paints or detergents industry. Their design, combined with the high shear, allow the product dispersion and foster a quick dissolution. They can be manufactured with different diameters,

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Whether its grout, marconite, PFA, polymer or bentonite there’s a mixer here for you. Our more common application mixers are listed as follows with a brief for its common uses; Sonic mixers – towable lightweight units required in high demand scenarios where high quality mixing

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high shear cement mixer for construction use. High shear cement mixer is widely used for construction such as dam foundation grouting tunnel grouting. The mixing time to produce thoroughly mixed neat cement grout with high shear grout mixer just takes about 1-2 minutes.. Some uses a recirculating centrifugal

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For best results a mechanically powered grout mixer should be used. When quantities up to 50 kg are used a slow speed drill fitted with a Fosroc Mixing Paddle (MR3) should be used. Larger quantities will require a high shear vane mixer. Do not use a colloidal impeller mixer.

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Jul 20,  · Amix Systems designs and fabricates high efficiency high shear colloidal mixing plants that are second to none and produces a homogeneous, flow able mix that will keep your project moving and productive. Containerized or Skid Mounted, Amix Colloidal Grout Plants are built to consistently produce high quality, uniform mixes for construction


High shear mixers are now accepted as an industry standard. Reliability lower water/cement rations, resulting in high strength grouts. Cost Savings.

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T A L Construction boasts high speed, high shear, colloidal grout mixers which provide an extremely efficient means of producing various types of grout. The high speed shearing action of the colloidal mixer achieves a greater hydration of the cement by wetting each individual particle. A high rotor tip speed (2100rpm) provides a high

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Mixer types can vary greatly, including colloidal mixers and ready mix transit mixers. Even batch mixing in a bucket with a handheld drill mixer can produce good results. (When using a colloidal mixer, the foam cannot be mixed in with the high shear mixing pump, but rather should be added on the secondary tank.) Use of High Quality Foam

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Important items of equipment included a high shear (or colloidal) grout mixer a Mono (helical screw type) grout pump and an electronic flowmeter grout control panel. Each drill hole had been fitted with branched pipework that allowed for grout injection line pressure gauge and bleed pipe to test for grout arrival at the hole.

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Jul 07,  · Amix provided a conceptual design and built a custom high shear colloidal mixing grout plant that included manufacturing a skid mounted grouting system. The plant was built off-site and delivered to site in an easy to set up modular design. The Amix plant is an extremely accurate grout system producing high quality, on-demand grout.