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For external use the most important thing to ensure that the applied system is UV stable and also slip resistant. We can enhance the overall look and design of the existing concrete through a process of surface preparation and the application of different resurfacing products and application techniques.

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May 25,  · Concrete is the most basic flooring material. Generally, it is just the surface of the slab that is poured directly onto the gravel or dirt bed in order to install the foundation of a building. Strong, durable, and extremely long lasting, it has also developed a reputation for being austere, utilitarian, and course underfoot.

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Polishing concrete is not a complicated process, and it’s one that any contractor given the right tools could easily perform. The most important thing to remember is that polishing takes time – a lot of time. Times can easily blow out to in excess of 10hrs/sqm depending on the level of gloss required.

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Nov 22,  · Bottom line with preparing the soil-support system is that no slab can succeed without solid and uniform support beneath. “Compacting the subbase is the most important thing I do,” says Steve Lloyd. Then, once the subbase is ready, protect it until the concrete slab is placed (see sidebar, Maintaining the Slab Support System).

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I f you have installed a decorative concrete floor in your home or business, you want to take steps to keep it looking as shiny and beautiful as possible. Here are some maintenance tips for decorative concrete floors. The most important thing is to dust mop your concrete floor regularly. This will prevent dirt and sand from building up and damaging the finish, sealer, or stain.

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The most important thing to do is solve the moisture problem, not just cover up the evidence, Tomlinson said. “If you have poorly drained soil, then you have to correct the drainage problem.” If the concrete was placed over damp soil, then nothing needs to be done except giving it time to dry out and evaporate through the slab.

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How to Fix Up Old Concrete Floors. Concrete flooring is a budget-friendly, durable option that works in a variety of spaces, including basements and garages. But over time, concrete can become

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Concrete floors aren't just for basements and garages any more. Modern concrete finishing techniques, such as acid staining and stamping, offer enough design variations to suit just about any room's style. As with other types of flooring, prices can range from economical to quite pricey, so it's worth your while to get a few estimates before diving into a new floor project.

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The important thing to know is that epoxies are two-part polymers. That is, by definition, epoxy must be composed of two parts that are mixed together. It can be a glue, paint, putty, etc. In each case, a true epoxy will have both a “resin” and a “hardener,” and that is the first and most important thing to note.

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Preparing the concrete surface is the most important step in the project. Paints, coatings, glues, and other contaminants that are left on the surface will show after the stain is applied. Prep can be done by mechanically grinding the floor with a planetary concrete grinder from a rental store. (if you are in the Kansas City area we have this

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9 inch 230mm Floor Polishing Pad for Concrete Terrazzo Floor; 175mm Concrete Floor Polishing Pad Premium Quality Diamond Pads; One of the most important thing is that do not use hard bond diamond tooling on hard concrete because they will almost certainly wear out incredibly fast.