Green Twister™ Diamond Concrete Prep Pads - 3000 Grit

The Twister green pad is the final step in your restoring process of your stone, terrazzo, smooth concrete, VCT, and linoleum and brings out the high gloss in your floor. This pad can also be used for daily maintenance to keep a lasting shine on your floor. Floor with scratches and stains should be preped first with the red and white, which will bring the floor to a matte surface.

Floor polishing Pads Polisher Pads for Stone Concrete

STADEA (Series Standard S) diamond floor polishing pads polisher pads grit 50 for concrete floor polishing, marble floor polishing, diamond floor polishing, granite floor polishing etc. Stadea diamond floor pads is available in grit 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and set of 7 floor pads, set of 5 floor pads.

3" Transitional floor polishing pad for concrete - grit 200

4 Inch Diamond Floor Polishing Pads Metal Bond Grinding Disc for Stone Concrete. Green Black 50 Grit Diamond Polishing Pad for Granite Marble Concrete Grinder.

Diamond Floor Polishing Pads - Floor Grinding Pads - Amtech UK

Bring back the shine to concrete, terrazzo, stone, marble and quarry tile floors with these diamond floor polishing pads from Amtech UK. As part of our floor maintenance program these pads will easily remove floor coatings, repair minor surface scratches, and polish floors in all types of facilities.

China Resin Bonded Diamond Polishing Pads For Concrete Floor

Resin polishing pads are widely used for polishing concrete, granite, marble and other materials. Concrete Grinding Disc, Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel Manufacturer & Suppliers-Sunny Superhard Tools.

10 inch stone, concrete polishing diamond floor pads

Twister Diamond Floor Pads 1500 grit 10 inch yellow for polishing to bright luster for stone marble granite concrete case of 2 pads 435410 $87.00 $57.30

Concrete Polishing Pad for Construction | Ocean Diamond

Our DiaRACE® S1 floor pads are designed for polishing and maintenance of. Quickly remove scratches left by metal-bond diamonds. Our DiaRACE® S2 hybrid floor polishing pads fits all floor machines and works well on all kinds of concrete and terrazzo floors.

Polishing Pads | Dynamic Diamond Tooling

The diamond pads are specifically designed to be used on concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone. The 1” diamond pad is impregnated with diamond matrix deeper than the competition. There is no color transfer due to it being a naturally colored pad with no dyes added.

5" Wet Diamond Polishing Pads Grit 800

1) Widely used for wet polishing of granite, marble, concrete, engineered stone, terrazzo, porcelain and quartz. (2) Wear rubber gloves/boots, an apron and safety glasses first. Connect a Back Holder to the Polisher, and attach a DAMO Wet Pad of grit 50 to the Back Holder.

Yellow Twister™ Diamond Concrete Prep Pads - 1500 Grit

This yellow pad is part of our Twister series and is the pad that starts the polishing step in the restoration process. This pad is designed to bring out the initial luster of your floor’s surface and prepares it for the final high gloss polishing step which is done with the green 3000 grit Twister pad.Scratches and stains should be removed prior to using this pad with use of the white and

C-Shine Concrete floor polishing pads with diamond

Email this page to a friend. The newly designed C-Shine concrete floor polishing pads can now be used both wet and dry polishing of concrete and terrazzo floors. They are resin based to provide superiror results. 10 mm thickness. Velcro backed.