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Removing Black & Green Algae Made Easy: A How-To Guide

Oct 02,  · Simply dilute the concentrate using a 1 part Wet & Forget to 5 parts water mixing ratio in your garden pump sprayer and spray it onto your outdoor surface. If the algae growth is on a planter or steps, use Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use for a quick application.

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Washers. Heater Hose. Wood (1" x 1" cedar is what we used) We started by slicing and dicing our gutters into (4) 58" lengths (to fit perfectly at the north end of our porch) using our Ridgid Miter Saw. Then we drilled holes 10" in from each end using a 3/4" Forstner bit for the rope to go through. Next, we cut some little strips of

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How to clean concrete paving slabs? you must keep your paving area clean as well as other areas in your house. Here are guidelines to clean concrete or cement paving slabs. Move all the furniture and plants from the paving area and sweep the surface to remove the

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Radnor Vayu Planter. Credit: Courtesy of Radnor. A work of art designed by Farrah Sit, this ceramic beauty comes in both a tabletop size that's great for floral plants or fresh cut flowers and a larger option that can hold large indoor plants and trees. Shop Now: Radnor "Vayu" Planter, from $80, radnor.co. 13 of 15.

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Regular garden soil is too dense for filling a planter and can actually put plants at risk for disease. Instead, use bagged planting mix -- choose one labeled "potting soil," which features sterilized soil and other nutrients, or a "soil-less" mix, which has a looser consistency because it contains peat moss, compost or perlite.

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Jun 29,  · If the concrete planter has large cracked pieces, clean them as well. Make sure to remove any loose pieces as much as possible in order to ensure that they do not get in the way during the gluing process. The best way to repair the crack is to glue it back together so make sure that the surfaces of the cracked pieces are free from loose concrete.

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Nov 22,  · A concrete retaining wall is built to resist the weight of the soil and the subsequent pressure that gravity sometimes places on the soil. These are common on properties that are positioned on small hills. The concrete retaining wall is built to keep the soil that makes up

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Remove the soil and plants and clean the pieces. A clay container can be reunited using pre-moistened mortar. Wrap the container after rejoining the pieces to hold them tightly together as the mixture cures. A concrete planter is fixed using a concrete fix sealant, silicone caulk, or the mortar.